List Of IT Companies

  1. Accenture,
  2. TCS 
  3.  Wipro 
  4. HCL 
  5. Capgemini 
  6. IBM 
  7. Infosys 
  8. DXC technology company 
  9. NTT DATA 
  10. Cognizant

According to our audience, thanks to the power of its new generation services, HCL climbed one position elsewhere on the list to number 5 last year. These innovations include native cloud solutions, analytics, and digital transformation, and particularly good is the performance of HCL in its biggest industry, banking, and financial services.

Capgemini also increased its ranking by moving on two points to sixth place. Singh Singh Singh.

Although IBM has slipped from fifth to seventh place following a combination of missed opportunities and misaligned tactics, says Singh. “IBM Watson was comfortable. The cloud experience faced strong winds against AWS, Azure and Google.” That’s why IBM appeared flatter to meet the shifting demands of the market than did its more aggressive competitors Accenture, TCS and Cognizant.

Infosys also dropped from seventh to eighth, after a year of steady growth and significant efficiency gains. “The acceleration that others, particularly Capgemini, experienced, drove them to the end of the spectrum,” Singh explains. Earlier this year, the company also underwent a leadership change, with the arrival of a new CEO.

Our team has named Accenture Leader of the Year, a name that it has maintained for the past two years, with no possible competition on the horizon except for TCS, which offers a very different value proposition.

“The only scenario that could lead to the resignation of Accenture as executive director is if the essence of the market first changes significantly towards modernization, where TCS excels,” Singh said. “The transformation strategy of Accenture first pays them big dividends, and we don’t see them changing that despite having a solid value proposition for modernization.” TCS, for its part, has been called the “star artist” of our company. “TCS ‘ ability to expand existing relationships through powerful execution credentials has been debated for some time,” says Singh. A platform strategy has created strong customer awareness allowing the company to expand its existing relationships beyond traditional contract constructions.

LTI is also worthy of note in 11th position, just outside the top 10. The growing momentum from LTI shows that the scale in IT outsourcing is no longer so important. A former mid-range rival is now a strong contender for the IT Services sector.

“LTI had a great appetite and created benchmarks that concentrated on modernizing, transforming and changing large corporations,” Singh says. In a market where the corporate buying lens moves from a’ Level 1-2-3′ approach to a role-based methodology, the growing presence of LTI is a typical example of small, agile and competent organizations that are becoming highly relevant to big business.’ While the story for 2019 has been strong growth, 2020 could be the year that customers and their suppliers roll up their sleeves and tackle the move. “What the industry has learned is that with a suboptimal technology and information park, digital can’t succeed. That’s where IT spending won and should be in 2019-2020.”