What is optimisation of search engine?

Choose the right keywords During the keyword research phase, people tend to be greedy: they try to target a large number of keywords but they end up being none important.
Remember that SEO’s aim is not to get random people to visit your site, but to get people to look for what you have to give to visit your site, rather than someone else. “One. The trick is therefore to concentrate first on certain keywords, then try more keywords as soon as you have more posts and web pages on your own site.
Just think of a few keywords that you think are important to your market, then use Google’s keyword planning tool to see if targeting those keywords makes sense.

Google Keyword Planner Google Keyword Planner is a free tool that allows you to take a look at keyword analysis.
Provides rough estimates of the average number of monthly keyword searches, in addition to the proficiency level for those keywords. Even though the level of competition refers to the number of advertisers competing for each keyword, it provides valuable statistics on these keywords ‘ popularity.
You can link the keywords that you think of and see how the numbers look. You need to target keywords that are most important to your company to get the best results, do a lot of monthly research and have a very low score in competition.
Learn more about the keyword planning tool used by Google.
Optimize your site Once you’ve selected your keywords, it’s time for Google to know that those keywords are linked to your site.
The trick to SEO is to make the site appropriate for the things people are looking for. So, if your website is for your Seattle bicycle shop, you’ll need to set up your website so that Google can easily connect search phrases such as “bikes” and “seattle” to your website.
This is exactly what your site’s optimization allows Google to find that link between its content and the keywords it is addressed to.